Website design visited

Website design revisited – The reason we have this as the background image is because understanding people is the core aspect that is often missed in website design. You see people everywhere and sometime you do not see them, like your website audience.  The question is how well do you know them and their requirements?

When a website is designed for the needs of people who you may or may not know always, it is bound to work. That is the philosophy we have at

Cinnatech designs websites meant for people  and for not search engines. People comes first, everything else (even SEO, SMM, SXX) are just plain nice to have. 

At Cinnatech we study your requirements and provide you first with an outline of the areas where focus is needed.  This initial assessment is done with a nominal fee solely for filtering genuine consultations.  If you are happy and wish to go forward we deduct this from the product fee. 

Our motive is to give you the best value for your money. We charge considerably less compared to our competitors because one we keep low margin. Secondly because we feel the market is hugely bloated. It need not cost a fortune for a redesign or SEO. Third because we are not capitalistic. We are more happy to see you smile rather than do one of business with you.  

Please head to our product page for more information of our products and services.

All the best for you and your business.  Thanks for dropping by.